June 27th., 28th. and 29th. – 2013 | Save Our Souls, 48 hours inhabiting the public space of Brussels (between MANIFESTO and SILENCE ; work of Leila Eerens Sarango and Maurane Colson)

Leila and Maurane, two master students architecture, were talking about the “extreme” architecture they wanted to make … They had observed a homeless old woman who had build herself a “home”. Leila made a beautiful aquarelle of that self made dwelling, a rare example of spontaneous, contemporary vernacular architecture. First “exploding” the picture, she wanted to design, to reassemble, with the fragmented elements …

I asked them both if they had sat next to the woman and had talked with her ? If they had smelled her ? As a kind of joke I suggested them to be homeless themselves for some time.

They took it serious and disappeared for 48 hours into the Brussels urban jungle, with just some basic stuff ; 2 plastic bags, bottle of water, toothpaste, underwear, …

They came back tired and exhausted, with a lot of stories.
Je vous donne l’argent pour manger si vous regarde mon zizi”.
Every hour they took a picture and gathered an object, a memory, made a sketch. Feeling afraid during the night, they only slept once during the day. A small gap in the presentation.
They “disappeared” again for two days, this time to work in silence in “De Witte Moor”, in the frame of the exposition “between MANIFESTO and SILENCE”. As a result they made this wonderful installation, full of poetry, full of architecture,  …

(I think I gave them (very) good points).

48 hours in a row, from I to XXXXVIII ;

Save our souls.
48 hours inhabiting the public space of Brussels.

Decalogue :

I.             We shall not leave the public space for 48 hours.
II.            We will taste and digest the streets day and night.
III.          Our act will stay secret and anonymous during the 48 hours.
IV.          We will carry no means of digital communication & indicators of time.
V.           We will meet only by chance and avoid familiar or known neighbourhoods.
VI.          We shall stick to each other and respect ourselves, each other and the others.
VII.         We shall (try) not to steal.
VIII.       In order to survive we can violate written and unwritten laws of public space.
IX.          We will be absent and present, silent and communicative, observe and be part.
X.            Our survival box will obtain :
.              1 folded waterproof plastic bag/each, 1 liter of water, 1 toothbrush/each,
.              1 tube of toothpaste  and 1 underwear/each.